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Enhance your grant writing skills

The moment you begin to read grant application guidelines you’ll realize that writing a grant is like writing in a whole new language. Funders and grant writers have their own acronyms, buzzwords, approaches, and processes that normally takes an outsider years and years to learn and perfect. We will work directly with you to educate you on grant writing lingo and push your grant writing skills to the next level so that you are ready and able to write your own grants successfully.

Here’s how it works:

•After taking a thorough inventory of your knowledge and experience level of working with grants we will work with you towards your specific knowledge gaps and needs.

•You will receive one-on-one training hands-on mentoring throughout the entire grant process.

•The mentoring will cover a variety of topics including: how to identify and apply for foundation versus government funding; strategies for determining one’s probability of award and fit for a grant competition; how to develop a budget narrative; tips and tricks for securing bricks/mortar and other unique funding; and much more.

Whether you have never read grant application guidelines or have written several grants on your own, the Grant Writer Mentoring training is a great investment of your time and resources. Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule your one-on-one grant writing training.

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