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Has your organization identified at least one grant program that it would like to pursue in the next year? If so, don’t wait until the day that the request for proposal is released to start developing your program and building partnerships. You can take advantage proven planning techniques to increase your likelihood of getting funded.  During the Strategic Grant Program Design process, we will work collaboratively with you and your team to help you answer:

•What is the vision for your program? We will help you design a program which includes the activities, staff, and equipment that you want and need.

•What results do you want to see? We will help you determine what goals, objectives, and activities are not only reasonable and attainable with the grant but also those that are most likely to be funded based on previous award patterns.

•How will you effectively create change? We will help you to identify an evidence based program or help you define the threshold of evidence that exists for the program you are proposing.

•Who is going to run the program? We will help you identify the most appropriate people to run your program. If you don’t already have them on your staff, we will guide you in recruiting that talent.

•How will your program be sustainable? We will help you identify which grant costs will exist after the grant funding has expired. We will suggest ways of securing additional funding so that you can continue to operate your program.

•Who are your stakeholders? What other community entities will contribute to your program? What services or resources do they have to offer that will make your program as strong as it can be? We will show you how to secure partners using Letters of Support and Memorandums of Understanding.

•How will you measure your success? We will assist you in creating a comprehensive evaluation plan that outlines tools, timelines, and resources for meeting any and all reporting required by the funder.

•How much money do you need? We will help you design a budget that is consistent with the program that you are designing and includes all elements necessary to implement the program. 

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